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cs 1.6 download, cs download
Cs 1.6 download
Counter Strike 1.6 download
Cs 1.6 download documentation
To download Counter Strike 1.6 select one from two download mirrors, when download is done open install file and configure the install data by yourself - it's just a basic install. When install is completed launch Cs 1.6 by double clicking on "cs.exe" shortcut, that's it! Have a good game play :)

Counter Strike 1.6 is a MFPS (Multiplayer-First-Person-Shooter) game which first version - Counter Strike (also know as Half-Life: Counter Strike) saw world on 2000 for Windows console. When CS succeed developers (Valve corporation) started to develop new versions of Counter Strike. Soon appeared this version - Counter Strike 1.6 It has been a huge success and became most popular FPS game in the whole world. Although it was a long time ago, it's still alive and popular. What about the Cs 1.6 game point? In the game there are two teams: Terrorists (T) and Counter - Terrorists (CT). Those teams killing each other (T trying to kill hostages or plant the bomb, CT - rescue hostages or defuse the bomb) Multi-player version has much unofficial mods - deathrun, zombie plague, bhop and other... So if you're looking for time machine (:D) download cs 1.6 and you wont be disappointed for that! After all Cs 1.6 download doesn't cost anything! Counter Strike 1.6 download - free, fast and safe. Already have Cs 1.6, but don't know where to play? Check out below - you will see our suggested server for you! Want read more? - Wikipedia.org

Counter Strike 1.6 minimal requirements
CPU with a clock speed of 800 MHz or higher
128 MB of RAM
32 MB card +
650 MB of free disk space
Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mouse, keyboard
Mouse, keyboard
Internet access